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Le Courant

Fall 2008 | 10

The school commission

Rock Dandenault

1901 - A piano was bought for the Academy at a price of $190.00. An instructor was hired for $20.00 a year.
1902 - The property of Joseph Meade, on Glen St. was bought for a price of $500.00
1903 - The School Commission requested an English speaking nun to teach English at the Academy. 1908 - Election of the first Board of Commissioners: Georges St-Pierre (President), Henri Fontaine, Léon Trudeau, Wilfrid Labarre, David Ménard and J.B. Gendreau Secretary, at a salary of $120.00 per year. 1909 - The purchase of 49 rifles to teach Military exercises costing $80.25, of which $20.00 was paid for by the Brothers. The care of the arms would be left to the Zouaves.
A $10,000.00 insurance policy was taken out on the Academy and a $1,000.00 policy taken on the contents. 1915 - The School Commissioners resolved to build a hall for the Academy as well as a school, in Coaticook North, having 4 classrooms. This school would be located on the neighbouring property of the old school. The work could not cost more than $400.00 for the Hall or $300.00 for the school; work¬men would be paid on a daily basis. The purchase of 400 folding chairs to use in the Hall of the Academy were bought from the Gilmour house at a cost of $.50 for each chair.
1916 - Maintenance of the Academy, including the heating and the sweeping, were entrusted to the Brothers at a rate of $300.00 per year. 1917 - An annual tax was imposed at a rate of $.09 per $1,000.00 of evaluation.
1918 - Total salaries: Brothers ($2,250.00), nuns ($700.00), Miss L. Landry, Miss R.G. Boivin and Miss A. Lanciault ($300.00 each per year). 1920 - Mr. Cooney donated a bell to the school in North Coaticook. The debt of the municipality-$16,925.00
1921 - The old Bank of Commerce building on Gerin-Lajoie St. was bought for a price of $4,500.00 in order to build a school. The death of Jean-Baptiste Gendreau, the secretary for the past 46 years. The notary P.E. Durocher was hired to replace Mr. Gendreau at a salary of $200.00 per year. He has remained at this post for the last 30 years.
1922 - Demolition of the old school in North Coaticook and construction of a new two story building. Cost: $85,000.00
1923 - The lawyer, Mr Verret, and Abbot Bonin went to Québec to request a grant on the school in North Coaticook. An agreement was reached November 13th : $4,000.00
1925 - Renovation to the southern school (St-Jean) in order to accommodate 4 classrooms having a capacity of 130 students.
1926 -Approximately 30 young people requested that the School commissioners establish a night school. Regular assembly.
1928 - The opening of a new school on Thibault St. The two teachers were Miss Anna Perras and Miss Germaine Charest.
1931 - The construction of St-Edmond School on the property donated by the Vestry Board of St-Edmond. 1934 - An historical Tour of Québec given to the most deserving students, as a reward.
1943 - Mr. Osias Dupuis became the first janitor at the Academy.
1945 - Tax: $.12'/z per $1,000.00 of evaluation. 1947 - The Lacordaire Circle gave a donation of $ 100.00 to each school. The Commissioners decided to transform the Academy Hall into four classrooms. The school taxes were calculated at the same time that the Municipal taxes were done.
1949 - The Hall at the Academy served as a church for the parishioner of St-Jean as that church had burned. In order to allow for the construction of a new school, the property belonging to Dr. Church at the corner of Cutting and Johnson Sts. was purchased.

Le Courant

Le Courant is published by the Society every year. Society's members, professional and amateur historian shared with the readers results of their searches. Articles are available in English and French. This publication received generous support from local sponsors that the Society wishes to thank with all it's gratitude.


Fall 2008 | 10 | Sommaire

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