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Le Courant

Automne 2013 | 15

Paquette family Dixville

Paquette family Dixville The Paquette family have lived in Dixville for six generations. They helped to expand the francophone community in Dixville. The ancestor of the family, Francois, was born in Sabrevoie, Quebec in 1848. Today Sabrevoie is known by the placename of Saint-Jean-d'Iberville. He married Virginie Le Phare before establishing in Dixville in 1874 or 1875. There were ten children as a result of this marriage, three boys and seven girls. One of their sons, Edouard, who was born in April 1879, married Azilda Maihot in November 1892 and went to live in Stanhope on the farm belonging to Michel Roy. The family of Francois Paquette lived for about a dozen years in Dixville then they moved to Stanhope in 1932. Edouard was a lumberjack by trade. Seven boys were born to Azilda and Edouard during their marriage. Edouard died in 1942 at the age of 71 years and his wife Azilda died at the age of 74 years. Edouard and Azilda are interred in Stanhope. One of their sons, Oscar Paquette, started working when he was quite young and he was able, after a suitable period of time, to accumulate enough money to buy a property. He then married Gilberte Primeau. They had a son named Robert who graduated with distinction in psychology and who went on to work in a detention center near Granby. Oscar Paquette enjoyed a good time. He liked to laugh when it was time to laugh and he was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone. He died January 30, 1988. Another one of their sons, Albert, born August 17, 1901, married Yvonne Blais, born June 8, 1902. They married on October 13, 1925 in Saint Hermenegilde, the village where Yvonne resided. They would go on to have thirteen children out of which only ten children would survive. Albert worked as a lumberjack in the United States; then found a job at the J. B. Parker Sawmill. He later worked at Maxime's Begin's sawmill...both were lumber mills in Dixville. Albert Paquette died August 13, 1978 and the burial took place in Dixville. Yvonne, his wife, died May 4, 1997. One of their sons, Raymond, was born August 18, 1929. He lived in Dixville and worked as a lumberjack for a number of years. He also worked for a period of time with the highway department. He was the husband of Therese Favreau. They had two children, Pierre, born May 12, 1963 and Rachel, born December 15, 1964. Pierre would marry Chantal Charron. They had two sons, Jessie born in 1992 and Anthony, in 1994. Rachel married Bruno Audet in 1978. Kathleen and Marie-Claude, their two daughters, were born in 1981 and 1982 respectively. Raymond Paquette died December 12, 2012. He was interred in the parish cemetery of Saint Mathieu de Dixville. His son, Pierre, works at the solid waste management facility for the Coaticook region (RIGDSC). He is on the advisory council for both family and senior matters for the Municipality of Dixville.

Individual Photos:

1. Francois Paquette and his wife Virginie Le Phare

               François Paquette                      Virginie Le Phare

2. Group Photo: four generations Francois, Edouard, Albert, Maurice

François, Edouard, Albert,

photo Paquette


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