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Le Courant

Fall 2010 | 12

In this issue

Menard Road

Jean Ménard
Do you know Menard Road in Barnston? It was named after the Menard family who lived there for more than a century. Here is the story of Pierre Menard who led this family to our region. Pierre Menard was born in Fairfax, Vermont on the 1 3th of July 1829. He spent his youth in the United States...


The Origins of the Coaticook Harmony Band

Shirley Lavertu
Popular belief would have us believe that the Coaticook Harmony Band was established in 1870. Recent research has uncovered the fact that the band held a concert on January 28, 1869. Ta be specific, the Coaticook Brass Band held a concert as part of the program of activities at a Wesleyan...


Coaticook railway

Carmen Perron
The first passenger train arrived at the station in Coaticook on July 23, 1853. The means of transportation before the arrival of the railway in Canada was very limited: a reliance on river transport or by way of narrow unreliable roads connecting small communities. The Eastern Townships were...


The Stagecoach

Denis Morin
Even though today the stagecoach remains a part of our collective memory, it once was a viable means of transportation before the age of airplanes, automobiles and trains. It is neces¬sary to think that a highway network had to be in place where the stagecoach might be used in Quebec and research...


The Grand Couvent de Coaticook, the nuns and their history

Sylviane Ferland, Julie Beloin
Grand Couvent, École Normale, Couvent de la Présentation de Marie and Collège Rivier are different names used to refer to this private school. The Couvent is housed in a stone building that was built in 1870. The stones are from the Cleveland quarry in Barnston (Ressources Minières du Québec). In...


St-Mathieu of Dixville

Susan Beaton
Location The St Mathieu Catholic Church is located at 300, Ch. Parker in the village of Dixville. This church is known by the parish name of St. Mathieu de Dix¬ville which is a part of the district of the Coaticook MRC and, is under the direction of the Sherbrooke Diocese. The mission...


Le Courant

Le Courant is published by the Society every year. Society's members, professional and amateur historian shared with the readers results of their searches. Articles are available in English and French. This publication received generous support from local sponsors that the Society wishes to thank with all it's gratitude.


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